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Meet the Team

The Realtor - Jackie Groters


 I love selling real estate! To me it's not just the homes I get to see, it's about the people I get to spend time with and help with their current life situation. It's getting out to see different neighborhoods in the city I have lived all my life and otherwise might not ever know existed. Appreciating old historic areas like Heritage Hill today and tomorrow marveling at newer condo skyscrapers in the downtown area. I am always amazed how much Grand Rapids has grown in my years and continues to do so which opens the door to a lot of real estate adventures in my future.  

My real estate expertise began in 2013. It is a career move I have always wanted to make, I am not the type to sit at a desk every day though I don't mind office work. I like to focus on areas I am personally most familiar with. Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas such as Grandville, Wyoming, Hudsonville and Byron Center to name a few. I grew up in Grandville and still live in the school district to this day, but when my kids are grown and gone I plan to move downtown and experience city living. I help at school often and sometimes work for the different buildings at recess and lunch room.  

Yonkers Realty is a small real estate brokerage. I was extremely fortunate to meet Keli Yonkers in my first few weeks of real estate. She has been phenomenal at teaching me the real estate game through the years and I much appreciate her many years of experience from both sides of the Mitten as she originally hails from the Detroit area. She and I work extremely well together and help each other daily.  

My biggest priorities for myself in business are to continually learn, have fun and enjoy the ride along the way. Work hard, play hard or better yet do both at the same time! I always hope my clients follow suit in that they learn and have fun through the process with me. Selling or buying a home is extremely stressful, it makes it easier if you can find the fun in it with me.   

The Broker - Keli Yonkers


Keli has more years experience in real estate than I have been alive! Yikes...don't tell her I said that!! She served on the board of Realtors for years on the East side of our great State of Michigan. She really focuses on details and has taught me a lot over the years. She is the best partner/boss lady I could ask for.